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Part of the Boiling Point events series

Adanma Nwankwo invites you to join an Instagram Live Talk, which will be hosted on her personal Instagram account @adasartislife on a joint call with Anna Marris and Ben Topping, who will be live from the gallery on Boiling Point’s account @boilingpointartistcollective. During the Live, Anna and Ben will give a tour of the exhibition to begin conversations around the curation, setup, and logistics of working as an art collective. Adanma will lead the discussion to focus on our exhibition theme ‘Practice Post Art School’ in relation to the planning and collaboration that was needed to put on Boiling Point’s second exhibition as a collective of emerging artists.

Adanma will be happy to take questions posted in the comments during the talk.

This workshop is free and open to all. There is no booking needed, just drop in and out.

Where to find us

This event is at 571 Oxford Road, Reading. Public transport is available from Reading town center and Reading station if you are visiting from elsewhere.