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571 Oxford Road Gallery presents a curatorial swap project by two OHOS artists. Caroline Streatfield and Heather McAteer will present and co-curate each others exhibitions exploring the theme of hidden narratives that occurs in both their practices.

Caroline Streatfield: Hidden Ancestors

Caroline Streatfield is a painter whose work investigates ideas around memory, history and identity. In her recent series of work, Caroline explores her own familial narratives and her maternal Eastern European heritage. This is Caroline’s first solo show and is a way of exploring how her ancestors were hidden from her until she herself visited her mother’s homeland in 1991 when she was 21. The show is curated by OHOS Associate artist Heather McAteer.

Opening Times

June 24 - June 27

10am - 4pm daily

Heather McAteer: Touching From a Distance

Heather McAteer produces evocative, tonal drawings which explore hidden narratives within social and cultural histories, and in particular issues of representation of identity, difference and dislocation. Suffused with a melancholic sense of loss and longing, the work invokes her formative years growing up in Northern Ireland during the ‘The troubles’ and is a mediation on youth, memory and morality. This exhibition is a survey of her recent work, including a series of drawings made during her 2020 Jelly/ACE funded ‘At Home’ artist residency. The show is curated by OHOS studio artist Caroline Streatfield.

Opening Times

July 22 - July 25

10am - 4pm daily

Where to find us

This event is at 571 Oxford Road, Reading. Public transport is available from Reading town center and Reading station if you are visiting from elsewhere.