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Realm of Dusk: A collaborative exhibition by Tom Sewell & Sebastian Thomas

Realm of Dusk features sculptures and assemblages by Tom Sewell & Sebastian Thomas. Their collaborative exhibition foregrounds sculptural processes, DIY casting techniques, and installation. Most of the metalwork in the show has been made in Sebastian’s onsite studio and his foundry on the outskirts of Reading.

The artists accumulate and recycle found materials and objects (both human-made and natural), paying close attention to the detritus and waste of human activity. These discarded objects have been dislodged from their original purpose and connotation and cast in metal shift meaning again: negatives are made positive, and things overlooked appear: “Things, though they might seem concrete, always have the potential to change. They can break, melt, rot, be recycled, and lose their function. We are saturated with objects, symbols, and things that can become easily overlooked.”

The gallery will be turned into a large-scale assemblage of metal cast works and found materials, thronging through and around a ubiquitous symbol of change in the landscape - a temporary site fence.

“Losing their names, these things underwent a process of uncreation and reverted to chaos, existing only to themselves in an unstructured world where they were not formally acknowledged, becoming an ever-widening margin of undifferentiated and nameless matter surrounding the outposts of man, who no longer made himself familiar with these things or rendered them authentic in his experience by the gift of naming.”

— Angela Carter, Heroes & Villains

Exhibition Opening

Private View Saturday 10 February 12-6pm.

Opening Times

Saturday 03 February: Open 12pm – 6pm

Sunday 04 February: Open 12pm – 6pm

Friday 09 February: Open 12pm – 6pm

Saturday 10 February: Open 12pm – 6pm

Sunday 11 February: Open 12pm – 6pm

Throughout the exhibition the space is also open by appointment.

Where to find us

This event is at 571 Oxford Road, Reading. Public transport is available from Reading town center and Reading station if you are visiting from elsewhere.