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Journey Exhibition

31 July 2021 → 01 August 2021

The works explore the theme of 'Journey' together through printmaking, painting and patchwork.

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Double Take

©Caroline Streatfield and Heather McAteer(2021)

24 June 2021 → 25 July 2021

Two Solo Exhibitions: Two Ways of Seeing.

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©Nacheal Catnott (2019)

©Caroline Streatfield and Heather McAteer(2021)

©Steve Williams (2021)

©Maria Bagnoli (2021)

©Caroline Streatfield, Joe Packer, Jennifer Maskell Packer and David Streatfield (2020)

©Cyrus Hung (2020)

©Heather McAteer (2019)

©Mikhail Karikis (2018)

©Studio for Propositional Cinema, NOVEL and Reading International (2018)